Building People & Culture in Consolidation

Season 2
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Today we are doing one of our first dives into Galaxy Vets by bringing in a special guest from inside the organization, Dr. Lauren Catenacci, our Head of People and Culture.

The conversation starts off with a brief understanding of what culture is and its relationship to core values. Hear about the three levels of analysis used to assess the cultural fit of potential clinics and some practical examples of culture within an organization.

Topics discussed: 

  • An explanation of organizational psychology and defining culture. 
  • Building culture from your core values.
  • How culture can evolve.
  • The three levels of analysis to assess the cultural fit of clinics.
  • Some examples of how culture plays out in practice and the psychology underneath.

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Dr. Catenacci is an organizational psychologist and leadership coach passionate about creating workplace cultures that enable all veterinary professionals to thrive. Lauren has a decade of experience as a trusted partner designing and implementing strategic solutions across the employee lifecycle that drive engagement and organizational effectiveness. She has worked with leadership teams from the military and governments to the private sector with enterprises, startups, and SMB to identify and develop the capabilities and solutions needed to navigate transformational change successfully.