Cyber Security in Veterinary Practice

Season 2
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This week on Consolidate That!, Ryan and Ivan speak with Captain Rory Lubold, Vice President of IT at Galaxy Vets, about data security for veterinary clinics and the key aspects of multicultural leadership.

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Topics discussed:

  • How to evolve technology for veterinary professionals
  • Communication and adaptation of changes in the hospital
  • Data protection tips for the vet practice

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Rory started in the US Air Force as a computer programmer, flight test engineer, and systems analyst working on classified programs. After 15 years, he went to work in Hollywood’s post-production industry as a software and systems engineer and served in VP Engineering and CTO positions. From there, as an entrepreneur, he started an IT services company to serve small- to medium-sized businesses. Recently, after hearing about this game-changing veterinary consolidator, Galaxy Vets, he joined the organization as the Vice President of IT.