Do Well by Doing Good

Season 2
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Dr. Andrew Ciccolini joins Ivan and Ryan to discuss creating a non-profit component within an organization. As the Director of Non-Profit Initiatives at Galaxy Vets and Medical Director at the National Mill Dog Rescue, Dr. Ciccolini leads the mission of Galaxy Vets Foundation, strategic corporate social responsibility, and elaborates on how the organization can benefit from the charity element.

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Topics discussed:

  • Andrew’s career story in the vet industry
  • Galaxy Vets Foundation’s mission
  • What is corporate social responsibility
  • Where a Foundation fits into an organization

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Andrew Ciccolini is a dynamic leader who oversees veterinary operations, teams, and improvement initiatives. He possesses a background in the U.S. Army, where he worked his way up from Associate Veterinarian to VP of Operations. In addition to his Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine, he has Master’s in Organizational Leadership. Andrew is a Medical Director at the National Mill Dog Rescue, a large non-profit located in Peyton Colorado. In Galaxy Vets, Andrew Ciccolini is the Director of Non-Profit Initiatives.