Quantifying Access to Care in Veterinary Industry

Season 2
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This week, Ryan & Ivan welcome Michael Greenberg of the Veterinary Care Accessibility Project to talk about one of the most significant challenges in our industry – access to veterinary care. Hear more about the developed metrics and data-driven tools to help improve access to care.

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Topics discussed:

  • One of the greatest challenges in companion animal welfare today
  • Metrics and data-driven tools developed by the Veterinary Care Accessibility Project
  • What is the veterinary care accessibility score
  • Major barriers to vet care

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Mike Greenberg is a veterinarian working at the intersection of animal welfare, clinical practice, and technology. Clinically, he has worked in general practice, emergency care, and as medical director for high-quality high-volume spay-neuter clinics. His work in animal shelters and animal welfare led him to develop a passion for using data and technology to help improve operation efficiency and positive outcomes for pets and people. He now splits his time between clinical practice, research in access to veterinary care, and veterinary software development.