Resilience and Burnout in Veterinary Medicine

Season 2
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Dr. Donna Gurney, the Founder of Tutum Psychology, talks about the concept of resilience and factors that influence levels of resilience. Our hosts explore practically application and steps that can be implemented across the vet industry.

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Topics discussed:

  • Resilience
  • Individual- and occupation-specific factors
  • Comparison of resilience factors in medical and veterinary domains
  • Ways to improve people’s resilience

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Dr. Donna Gurney is the Founder of Tutum Psychology. She has over 15 years of experience of working in mental health, both in and outside the NHS. She specializes in adolescent and working-age adult mental health. She is a Health and Care Professions Council registered Clinical Psychologist. Dr. Gurney is also a British Psychological Society registered Chartered Clinical Psychologist. Outside her private practice, she is passionate about workplace wellbeing. She writes for the magazine The Veterinary Edge and is also an active Trustee for the charity Vets in Mind.