Telehealth Guiding to the Stars

Season 2
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Dr. Sarah Wallace joins Dr. Ivan Zak and Ryan Leech to talk about Telehealth and its reach across the entire organization. Dr. Sarah guides us through her deep expertise of growing veterinary medicine virtually.

Topics discussed: 

  • Dr. Sarah’s path to Galaxy Vets
  • Increasing hospital capacity through the implementation of telemedicine
  • The misconception that telemedicine is inferior to in practice medicine
  • How a department should be viewed as an entire ecosystem in the Business Model Canvas
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Dr. Sarah Wallace is a veterinarian, telehealth expert, and staunch believer that our industry “doesn’t have to be this way”. Prior to joining Galaxy Vets, Sarah experienced early career burnout in the clinical setting and found her niche in telehealth. In 2018, she helped Fuzzy Pet Health successfully build and launch a standalone telehealth platform. These experiences, along with her desire to create a sustainable working environment for veterinary professionals, have shaped Sarah’s ongoing commitment to find ways to use telehealth to increase access to care and mitigate workload for veterinary teams.