The Process of Postmerger Integration with Galaxy Vets

Season 2
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Shannon Gervais, Director of Veterinary Hospital Integrations at Galaxy Vets, is welcomed by Ryan Leech and Dr. Ivan zak to discuss post-acquisition clinic integration, how the WSJF prioritization framework helps in the stabilization phases, and the importance of managing the change accurately.

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Topics discussed:

  • The Integration process at Galaxy
  • 3 Stabilization Phases
  • How the WSJF (Weighted Shortest Job First) framework is used at Galaxy Vets

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Shannon dedicated over 20 years to the veterinary industry, she combines her years of team management and passion for the industry into her role as Director of Veterinary Hospital Integrations. Shannon is responsible for the successful transition between the hospital team and Galaxy Vets. She focuses her attention on the needs of the team to provide a thoughtful approach to this change, while continuing to drive the operational success of the hospital.