Value Creation at a Solar System (Part 2)​​

Season 2
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Today on Consolidate That! Dr. Ivan Zak and Ryan Leech continue discussing the value creation plan by looking at a regional level within the organization.
We take a deeper dive into Galaxy Vets’ regional structure and chat about the value creation items such as capacity management, diversity of tasks for veterinary professionals, centralized scheduling, and more.

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Topics discussed:

  • What is a Solar System Model
  • Another look at the use of clinic space
  • Benefits for hospital teams: flexible scheduling and task variety
  • Internal software: UPMO application

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Dr. Ivan Zak has earned multiple accreditations in veterinary medicine. After graduating, he worked in 35 veterinary hospitals across Canada, where he was inspired to create Smart Flow, a first-in-the-industry workflow optimization system. Smart Flow was subsequently acquired by Fortune 500 company IDEXX, where he became General Manager of the Software division. After consulting 500+ practices worldwide on workflow optimization, he decided it was time for a new adventure. Dr. Ivan has a holistic view of the whole veterinary business market and he’s making his next step the creation of a more cohesive, unified platform that will ultimately benefit the veterinary professionals.