Organizational Assessment

VIS provides more than just analytics - we strive to understand your culture, strategy, goals, and organizational maturity in order to develop targeted data and analytic solutions.
By understanding who you are as a consolidator, and where you are in the consolidator lifecycle, VIS can help you achieve your vision.

Do you have an actionable Value Creation Plan?

With the rapid pace of practice acquisitions, and when everything is important, it can be difficult to know what to focus on.

Understanding what actually creates value for your organization is a critical component of your strategic filter.  Based on the results of your Organizational Maturity Assessment, VIS will help you understand what is most important to you and how to measure it.

How well developed is your Value Stream?

Everyone in your organization should understand how they and their respective departments create value for your stakeholders.

A well-developed Value Stream will reduce organizational silos and improve knowledge sharing and efficiency. When you complete the Organizational Maturity Assessment, VIS will understand how well developed your Value Stream is and how waste can be eliminated through proper data, system, and process integration.

Are your departmental processes and systems scalable?

In addition to creating shareholder value, a successful consolidator must be able to scale support services and deliver on their M&A strategy and promise.

The Organizational Maturity Assessment will provide insight into department-level processes and systems and how they impact practice operations and employee experience.

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The assessment will take between 10-15 minutes and should be completed by each member of the executive team and each department head. Individual results will be returned to the provided email address. Aggregated, anonymized results will be returned to the primary point of contact. We look forward to working with you!

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