VIS Team

At Veterinary Integration Solutions we believe that data can make what is impossible today, possible tomorrow.

VIS is developing business and operational systems that empower the profession to better serve the HealthCare Team and the patients they care for. We believe there is a better way, and achieving it is what drives VIS.

VIS is powered by a team of experienced professionals representing the very best in data science and analytics, software development, marketing, support, and system and process development.

VIS engineers bring years of strategic planning and technical expertise to deliver results. We oversee and execute on every phase of development, from ideation through end-user testing. Our agile approach enables you to deliver solutions quickly and efficiently.

Dr. Ivan Zakharenkov


Dr. Ivan “Zak” Zakharenkov has earned multiple accreditations in veterinary medicine. After graduating, he worked in 35 veterinary hospitals across Canada, where he was inspired to create Smart Flow, a first-in-the-industry workflow optimization system. Smart Flow was subsequently acquired by Fortune 500 company IDEXX, where he became General Manager of the Software division. After consulting 500+ practices worldwide on workflow optimization, he decided it was time for a new adventure.

Dr. Ivan has a holistic view of the whole veterinary business market and he’s making his next step the creation of a more cohesive, unified platform that will ultimately benefit the veterinary professionals.


William J. Griffin, VMD


Dr. Willam Griffin was a student, intern, and resident at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine.  Penn provided the opportunity for Dr. Griffin to experience what was possible in clinical veterinary medicine, but it was 20 years in private practice that revealed the fundamental limitations of the profession, as well as the opportunity and responsibility to make a meaningful and positive change.

Dr. Griffin’s first startup was a 24hr Emergency & Specialty hospital based on a foundation of systems and processes and powered by a culture of staff empowerment, knowledge sharing, and condition-based medicine. This model and vision went national when Dr. Griffin joined Pathway Veterinary Alliance as a founding member and COO.

Pathway grew at a record pace topping Inc. 5000 fastest growing companies, expanding from 13 practices to more than 200 practices in under 3 years.  During this time, in addition to overseeing operations, Dr. Griffin led the teams that designed and built new enterprise systems and processes and implemented them across the enterprise.

Today, as co-founder of Veterinary Integration Solutions, Dr. Griffin is developing business and operational systems that empower the profession to better serve the HealthCare Team and the patients they care for.

Alex Balabanov, Head of Marketing

Alex Balabanov is the Head of Marketing at VIS. His extensive experience in B2B SaaS drives VIS platform adoption and awareness forward.

As a former marketing agency owner, software outsourcing company CEO, and marketing manager of Smart Flow, he combines veterinary domain knowledge with modern digital marketing tactics to create a successful adoption process for the VIS platform.

Alex’s passions are his family, his Brussels Griffon, Mango, and video games.

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Kate Shelest, Head of Support Operations

Kate Shelest is a Head of Support for VIS. With over six years of experience in this field, she builds support teams from scratch, guides existing teams, and enhances the ultimate customer experience.

Kate is here to bring the finest modern support approach to help veterinary teams do their best work while focusing on pet care. Kate believes emotional intelligence and process simplification can make the world a better place.

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Bernie Smith, founder of Made to Measure KPIs, Advisor

Bernie has worked with major clients from HSBC through to Airbus and has written 20 books on KPI selection and dashboard design. He lives in Sheffield, UK, with his wife, two children, and some under-used exercise equipment.

I believe that KPIs do not have to be confusing or complex and have developed a number of simple tools and methods to help any organization find the most valuable and effective KPIs for their business.

I discovered that VIS share this belief too and I am thrilled to be able to help them on their journey to make good quality management information available to their clients.

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  • We bring deep, functional expertise while focusing on the big picture.
  • We capture value across boundaries and between the silos of any organization.
  • We employ a model that links strategy to execution through alignment of culture, people, tasks, structure, and executive leadership.
  • We achieve success.