Consolidator Operating Framework©

Consolidator Operating Framework©, COF, is a ready-to-use playbook for veterinary groups, visualized on a complex infographic that features the key processes, principles, and workflows required to become an agile organization. As its main goal is to systematize acquisition, integration, and improvement of practices with a special focus on burnout prevention, COF provides a knowledge base of proven, integrated principles, practices, and workflows to guide enterprises in scaling and facilitating alignment and collaboration across all organizational levels.

COF is visualized on an interactive infographic uniting all elements of an enterprise into a single accountability structure. Every box on the COF is clickable and leads to a corresponding article in the knowledge base. The articles provide a detailed explanation of each process, explain the risks of not having it in place, and its role in employee burnout prevention. Additionally, the nuances for veterinary groups that are scaling through the de novo or franchise model are featured.

COF was developed based on the classic burnout triggers introduced by Christina Maslach: lack of control, value conflict, insufficient reward, work overload, unfairness, and community breakdown. Each process in the Framework is targeted towards eliminating these triggers, so implementing the COF will ultimately create a thriving environment for veterinary staff. 

In combination with our Consolidator Maturity Model©, COF presents a unique playbook for growing a veterinary group — be it a classic acquisition model, de novo, franchise or partnership. We have developed our business methodology and operating framework for consolidators to help them grow a more sustainable business and take better care of their employees

Dr. Ivan Zak, CEO of VIS