Every single initiative that is executed in the organization has to go through a Strategic Filter. It is one of the first items that has to be developed in the organization. The Strategic Filter is the tool that helps the Visionary work with the Integrator and saves time for everybody in the organization when new ideas are suggested.

The Strategic Filter is one of the tools that is created during the initial strategy session along with the Vision, Mission, Core Values, Core Focus and a Value Creation Plan (VCP).


Without a strategic filter organization will follow the shiny objects and the relationship between the Visionary and the Integrator will be up to personalities and not focused on an objective assessment, which may lead to a conflict.

Connected Processes

  • Investor Management Process
  • Prospect hospitals Pipeline
  • M&A Process
  • Culture/People Integration
  • HR Process/Onboarding
  • Knowledge Accumulation
  • Core Processes Implementation
  • Prioritization (WSJF)
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Pre- and Post-Acquisition Assessments
  • Training
  • Quarterly Goals/Rock Planning
  • Recruiting at the Hospital Level
  • Implementation of VCP Processes
  • Capacity Reservation Process
  • Change Management
  • Data-driven Change Management
  • Data-Driven VCP Initiative Process
  • Horizon 2 Experiments
  • ML Data Model
  • Horizon 3 Experiments


Once the organization understands the Strategic Filter (North Star) then all the decisions and processes are easier to explain to the front line staff and to get buy-in. If the North Star includes respect for people or burnout prevention then all the initiatives should include this assessment. But even if they are not so specific, these triggers are prevented with a clear understanding of the Strategic Filter: Lack of control, value conflict, work overload, and breakdown of the community.


There are many ways to create Value in the de-novo or franchise setting, and there are many suggestions that founders will receive from the outside. A well-defined Strategic Filter will help to be crystal clear on what to do and what not to do.