Why Are Veterinarians Unhappy?

Veterinarians are probably some of the most passionate and dedicated professionals. Most of them knew what they wanted to do since childhood and meticulously planned out the steps towards the ultimate goal — helping animals. So why, after almost a decade of targeted professional education and training, would only one-third of veterinarians recommend a career in animal healthcare, and 40% are considering leaving the profession? Why are so many veterinarians burned out and what can leadership do about it?

  • TUESDAY, MAY 18, 2021
  • 12 P.M. - 1 P.M. EST
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Join our live webinar in the Leading With Purpose series: Why Are Veterinarians Unhappy? on May 18, at 12 p.m. EST. We’ll dive into the following topics:

  • The generational shift and whether millennial veterinary professionals are different to motivate
  • How to set goals that create a sense of belonging
  • How to build thriving teams and reduce employee turnover with the application of positive psychology.