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  • Consolidation Business. This is our primary focus. We are ready to publish your insights, research, and opinions in the veterinary consolidation business.
  • Veterinary Practice. We like articles with professional advice for veterinary practice owners. You may share your perspective and experience in vet clinic management, marketing, finance, human resources, etc.
  • Burnout in Veterinary Medicine. VIS keeps abreast of the burnout in the veterinary profession. If you have research, stories, or life hacks for colleagues, let us know. We are ready to share valuable information for reducing burnout in our domain.

Why write for us?

Veterinary Integration Solutions has a growing readership in the veterinary business domain. Our blog posts have a clear educational purpose and uphold high editorial standards.

Our readers are:

  • C-level veterinary professionals
  • Veterinary practice owners and managers
  • Startup founders in the veterinary domain

Interested in writing?

We are open to collaborating with opinion leaders, subject matter experts, and bloggers.
If you are interested in sharing your research, tips, life stories, or other useful articles with VIS readers, let us know. The submission process is pretty simple, so you don’t need to have a completed piece to pitch it. Just email us the title and plan (or main idea), and our editorial team will send you a go/no-go response. If we accept your pitch, we will send you our editorial guidelines.

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Submit ideas

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Submission criteria

  • Idea and structure. Please, let us know the title and main idea of your article. It would be helpful if you send us a short outline.
  • Uniqueness. Content should be unique to the VIS blog.
  • Purpose. The focus of the article should be to inform and educate the veterinary business community. Any content that includes self-promotion will not be considered.
  • Author. Please attach a bio with your article that contains links to your website or social media page.
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