Our Purpose

Improving employee experience and preventing burnout in veterinary organizations lies at the heart of everything we do.

We’re committed to helping veterinary leadership build a seamless workflow to discover untapped growth opportunities, drive business, unlock employee potential, and ultimately empower the healthcare team to live their passion.


Empowering the healthcare team to live their passion with the help of efficient data-driven solutions.


Improve clinical care, client experience, and expand shareholder value by using the data efficiently and serving analytics to front-line staff.

A structured approach to the growth strategy

The software stack used to run veterinary practices continues to grow, so is the volume of data they generate. Leveraging this intelligence is the key to achieving streamlined efficiencies. At VIS, our goal is to help veterinary consolidators accelerate their growth using data analytics and a lean operating framework.

We offer a unique consolidation business model designed for sustainable acquisition, integration, and management of practices, unleashing the value delivery while supporting employee wellbeing.

VIS Core values

  • Integrity. We care about honesty and transparency. Having strong moral principles is what every member of the team should possess in the first place.
  • Solution-Orientation. We focus on resolving the problems rather than trying to find someone’s fault.
  • Kaizen, or continuous improvement. We strive to grow in everything we do and commit to personal and team development.
  • Systematic Thinking. We need to see the big picture and be able to reveal dependencies.
  • Emotional Intelligence. Self-awareness and empathy is what every successful team should possess. We believe in building a human relationship, where each member is willing to listen and respond with compassion.
  • Process Simplification. Adoption and efficiency is a priority. We like to reduce complexity and explain everything in a simple manner.
  • Sense of Humor. One of the companies must-haves. Being able to laugh at yourself makes a significant difference.