Every person in the organization should be responsible for the process, which has policies and there should be systems that help this person to automate their work. If all three are established, there will be metrics that can measure the success of this person’s function.


Common problem of the consolidator is the lack of organizational structure design. Ideally, the organizational accountability chart should be created including at least three layers of the “ideal organization” at the inception level. This will help to gauge the capacity of every person who has multiple responsibilities in the early Levels of Maturity and as the person is reaching capacity, there is a clear role for additional staff that could be hired. But before that can occur, the organization needs to make sure that the new person either has a process or has a competency to develop one. When hiring a person to develop processes, make sure the candidate is the one who can “create the manual” not just “follow the manual.”

Connected Processes

  • Prospect Hospitals Pipeline
  • M&A Process
  • Culture/People Integration
  • HR Process/Onboarding
  • Knowledge Accumulation
  • Core Processes Implementation
  • Strategic Filter
  • Prioritization (WSJF)
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Pre- and Post-Acquisition Assessments
  • Training
  • Quarterly Goals/Rock Planning
  • Recruiting at the Hospital Level
  • Implementation of VCP Processes
  • Capacity Reservation Process
  • Change Management
  • Data-driven Change Management
  • Data-Driven VCP Initiative Process
  • Horizon 2 Experiments
  • ML Data Model
  • Horizon 3 Experiments


One of the common issues that occurs at the hospital level is – giving a new job to a person who does not have sufficient experience in that role. Combined with lack of well-documented process, this will lead to burnout. Triggers that can lead to this are :Lack of control, work overload, unfairness, and breakdown of the community.


The benefit of having a brand new facility with well-established processes from the opening is a definite advantage of de-novo and franchise groups.. One should take into account the changes that happen beyond the day that the hospital was opened. All new processes implemented at the level of the hospital should be designed with full acknowledgment of how this will affect the staff that is doing the work.