Join veterinary experts with a shared passion for digital solutions and big data. Work with and learn from veterinary management professionals, improve your skills and help vet business be better.

Expand your professional horizons solving real-world challenges. Work with colleagues to make new business capabilities and implement bespoke solutions for each client. Transform industries with new digital tools and software.

Veterinary Integration Solutions is a real deal. Every personal achievement effects on team's evolving pace. So, we seek open-mind and global souls, the professionals who know that with the right team they can impact the world.



  • Integrity. We care about honesty and transparency. Acting with strong moral principles and accountability to others is what makes a perfect VIS teammate.
  • Solution-Oriented Approach. Focusing on finding someone at fault is never on our agenda. We pay attention to how problems can be solved when they arise and how they can be proactively prevented.
  • Continuous Improvement. We never stop improving ourselves and our work environment. As a part of the VIS family, you will have limitless access to education opportunities that are partially offset by the company to make sure your knowledge and skills are always up-to-date.
  • Systematic Thinking. We look at the big picture at VIS. Having a singular focus may fix one issue, but at the same time, destroy another. Thinking systematically is what helps our teammates achieve work success with as little friction as possible.
  • Emotional Intelligence. Self-awareness and empathy are not an empty promise with us. We care about our teammates’ wellness and health by making sure they are always heard and respected.
  • Process Simplification. Adoption and efficiency is a priority. We like to reduce complexity and explain everything in a simple manner to both our clients and every team member.
  • Sense of Humor. At times it’s inevitable to be too hard on yourself. The easiest way to avoid that is to be able to laugh at yourself and move on from whatever you’ve been dealing with.


  • Competitive Salary. Perfect work-life balance heavily relies on being able to fulfil your aspirations and dreams. We know for sure that competitive compensation makes it possible.
  • Continuous Education. We are willing to offset a fair share of funds you invest in further education as long as you can prove its benefit to your VIS professional journey.
  • Self-realization Opportunities. We believe in autonomy. You will have a mentor, but otherwise, you’re given total freedom in implementing your own ideas and approaches towards work.
  • Flexible Schedule. We may surprise nobody with remote work. Apart from attending meetings, your schedule is 100% up to you. The only thing obligatory is deadlines.
  • Team Building Activities. From a comprehensive and extremely friendly onboarding process to famous Quarterly Planning NASA Style meetings — you wouldn’t want to miss those events.
  • Equipment and Software. We provide newcomers with all the gadgets and software they need to be successful in their day-to-day work. Don’t hesitate to ask for any equipment.