Organizational Assessment using CMM

By understanding where you are in the consolidator maturity model, VIS can help you achieve your VCP goals.

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      Roles & Teams

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      Business Rythm

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      Feedback Loops



    Existing Company Processes: please indicate which are working in your company?

    Documented processes to manage prospect pipeline, sales pitch and investor management

    Documented processes to manage M&A diligence, integration, onboarding and knowledge development

    Core departmental business, VCP initiative development, post integration assessment, change management and training processes developed

    Recruiting, VCP initative implementation and capacity management processes documented

    Established processes whereby data drives decision making and leads quanitative change management?

    Processes to accept new initiatives and to initiate and execute on new experiments

    Processes that leverage AI analysis to predict future risk and support data driven experiment modeling

    Existing Company Policies: do you have these enterprise-level policies?

    M&A policies that align with your VCP

    Integration, core business system and definition of done policies that support and advance your VCP

    Interdepartmental dependency management, practice class of service determination, and definition of done policies that are commensurate with the teams capacity

    Policies for recruiting, VCP initiative Do's & Don'ts, practice class of service operations, and definition of done that are commensurate with the teams capacity

    Policies for data driven feedback, inception of new initiatives and the definition of done that are commensurate with the teams capacity

    Policies that describe the definition of ready and definition of done for continuous improvement experiment initiatives

    Policies for how experimental execution is governed

    Existing Systems: do you have and effectively use the following systems?

    Competencies, Roles & Teams: do you have these competencies covered?

    A team with core competencies in business development, M&A, finance, and legal

    A team with core competencies in business integration, HR, operations, technology, and marketing

    Departmental level SMEs, a scalable operations team, and have you identified leadership teams at the hospital level

    Regional change agents and functional leads at the hospital level

    A data team

    A data science team

    An AI team

    Cadences: do you have these meeting & rituals?

    Daily and weekly sync meetings

    Core team daily standup, weekly 1:1, all hands, weekly leadership (L10), quarterly and annual planning meetings

    Departmental daily standup, L10, quarterly planning, and monthly operational risk meetings

    Cross-functional, hospital leadership and training meetings

    Enterprise-wide quarterly planning meetings

    Risk assessment continuous improvement meetings

    New purpose strategy shaping meetings

    Metrics & KPIs: Do you have and effectively use the following metrics? Select all that apply.

    Feedback Loops: indicate what feedback loops you have in your company and how effective they are.

    Industry advisors that you work with

    SME advisors for M&A, business operations and medical operations, and you measuring employee satisfaction

    Department performance and intra-department alignment survey on a quarterly basis

    A hospital core system performance retrospective and hospital feedback system

    Initiative rollout retrospectives

    Experiment retrospectives

    Prediction vs execution retrospectives