Best 16 Online Pet and Vet Startups You Should Know About

The veterinary profession is in the middle of a technological renaissance instigated by innovative veterinary startups.

These startups have ushered in a new era of convenient services, amenities, and interactive tools that make the lives of patients, doctors, and clients much simpler.

Technological development is an encouraging indicator that the overall market is growing and adapting to practitioners’ and clients’ needs as consumer behavior trends toward spending more on their pets and treating them as esteemed family members.

Some of the innovations created by these veterinary startups include enhanced scheduling software to mitigate the spread of the Covid-19 virus, technology to streamline workflow for service providers, provide the best care for patients, and diagnostic tools to provide care faster than ever before.

Today, we will look at some of the most groundbreaking veterinary startups and how they are revolutionizing care for pets.

Vet Startup Established Funding
ModernAnimal 2019 $13.5M
PetaByte 2019 $8M
Nuzzl 2019 $100K
Invetx 2018 $15M
AirVet 2018 $14M
Imprimedicine 2017 $4M
InstinctScience 2017 $2.6M
DigiTail 2016 €220K
Vetstoria 2015
Zomedica 2015 $46M
TeleVet 2015 $7M
VetMeasure 2015 $1.5M
Vetherapy 2015 €71.4K
Pawprint 2014 £934.6K
Alpha Genesis 2003 $23.9M
MedVet 1988 $69.2M



Established: 2019
Funding: $13.5M

Modern Animal is a pet care startup. They build the next generation care and innovative experience for clients and their pets. It is a membership service for clients that offers exams, in-app prescription requests and delivery, 24/7 virtual care, and more. Pet owners can schedule appointments, pay bills, view pet medical records, and order prescriptions via the app. Another benefit is 24/7 access to a veterinary consultation. “Warmer, smarter, easier, better,” is their motto, and it expresses the spirit of the community it fosters.



Established: 2019
Funding: $8M

PetaByte is a team of experts in veterinary medicine and technology. The company’s product, Rhapsody, is a cloud-based practice management solution to streamline recordkeeping and billing. Popular pets’ medical records and capture charges at point of service and significantly reduce the number of hours spent on paperwork or maneuvering an outdated system. The company’s primary goal is to set veterinarians and vet managers free from extra work by building time and cost-efficient products for the practice.


Established: 2019
Funding: $100K

Nuzzl is the first Australian telemedicine platform created to help veterinarians deal with demand due to the pandemic. It has the features of the standard telemedicine service: appointment scheduling, payment functionality, and connectivity via video call. Vets and vet techs can triage appointments to determine which animals need to be seen in the clinic. Clients have peace of mind knowing that they can address their pets’ health needs at any time. Fewer in-office visits keeps everybody safer in the face of COVID-19.



Established: 2018
Funding: $15M

Invetx is the premier biotechnology platform for protein-based therapeutics in animal health. The goal of the Invetx is to bring the best of biopharma to animal health and transform healthcare standards in veterinary medicine. It applies the advances of human biotechnology to the veterinary field, filling the innovation gap between human and veterinary medicine. The latest update is the antibody discovery platform for discovering and developing novel medicines for animal health.



Established: 2018
Funding: $14M

AirVet believes that it is time for pet care to expand beyond the walls of the clinic. The telehealth app connects licensed veterinarians and pet owners who need quick answers to their questions, help with emergencies, or advice for behavioral issues Consultations are available 24/7 and the service is a great opportunity for vets to establish a long-term trusting relationship with the clients. The veterinary startup was founded in 2018 and is now one of the most trusted platforms by the nation’s leading veterinary hospitals.



Established: 2017
Funding: $4M

Imprimedicine is a service that focuses on treating and monitoring cancer in dogs. The service helps to make healthcare decisions based on the unique analysis. First, a vet sends the sample of the dog’s tumor. Then, Imprimed specialists test those live cancer cells, and the vet receives a comprehensive report in eight days that consists of cutting-edge techniques and artificial intelligence. Once the vet gets the report, they can confer with the specialists on the dog’s course of treatment.



Established: 2017
Funding: $2.6M

Instinct Science is a veterinary startup and an excellent opportunity for clinics that need to update their existing workflow. Instinct is a comprehensive application that provides various solutions that improve team performance efficiency, deal with missed charges, and optimize care. It offers an outpatient workup system that helps to organize both the emergency room and the busy-day practice. Inpatient treatment sheets ensure optimized client communication, patient care, and team efficiency. There are other services that are highly beneficial for practice performance, such as front desk coordination, boarding patient management, and real-time invoice auditing.



Established: 2016
Funding: €220K

DigiTail is a pet care startup. They aim to improve communication with clients by providing various solutions for the practice. It provides tools that help achieve client satisfaction, sync information in real-time to improve the workflow and make the correct decisions based on the clinic’s data. The use of all the digital solutions connects all stakeholders of the ecosystem, such as sub-specialists and university teaching clinics. Their motto, “Taking care of pets like it’s 2020,” expresses DigiTail’s innovative approach and readiness to drive advances in veterinary medicine.


Vetstoria Site

Established: 2015

Vetstoria is the World’s leading veterinary booking platform, enabling significant improvements in revenue generation, team productivity, and pet-owner experience for practices. Features include real-time online booking integrated with 20+ practice management systems, video conferencing, payments, analytics, and digital marketing. The platform powers over 2,500 practices and veterinary groups worldwide, including IVC Evidensia, Mars Petcare (Linnaeus, Anicura), The University of Sydney, and VetPartners.



Established: 2015
Funding: $46M

Zomedica was founded to advance the effectiveness of companion animal veterinarians. They provide innovative and needs-driven solutions for canine and feline animals, focusing on the unmet work-life balance needs of clinical veterinarians. The company drives veterinary business further and helps its development due to the professionally beneficial services they present. For instance, one of their latest happenings is a remote installation of TRUFORMA™, an inaugural point-of-care platform that diagnoses thyroid disease in dogs and cats. Results are available in as little as 20 minutes, which is a plus in the COVID world. Pet owners can learn the results quickly and veterinarians can prescribe a course of treatment with fewer office visits.



Established: 2015
Funding: $7M

TeleVet is an application that helps to advance telemedicine in veterinary medicine. It provides an integrated mobile app extension to the hospital’s existing practice management system. TeleVet’s main goal is to restore work-life balance. This balance can be reached by the ability to manage the vet’s schedule, set appointments, and follow-up with pet owners anywhere. Accessibility and easy-to-use service helps save time and generate revenue. The app also has a support line to address any issues in a timely manner.



Established: 2015
Funding: $1.5M

VetMeasure has developed a wearable harness device that monitors health conditions in dogs. Measure tracks vitals or streams a live EKG. The device makes life easier for both veterinarians and pet owners. Vets can be alerted in case of any changes in patient recovery in post-anesthetic patients without a need to disrupt the patient, and pet owners can see if their pet is not feeling well. The ultimate goal of the veterinary startup is to become the best health measurement technology in the vet health industry.



Established: 2015
Funding: €71.4K

Vetherapy’s goal is to bring stem cell therapies to treat complex and challenging diseases for pets. It brings scientists, bioengineers, and veterinarians together to offer stem cell-based therapies to facilitate pets’ healing in a cost- and time-efficient manner. Vetherapy obtains plasma rich in growth factors and provides safety in the process of isolation, expansion, and cryopreservation of stem cells. Veterinarians can access steam cells and PRP banks through the company’s cryopreservation services, which creates a high level of accessibility.



Established: 2014
Funding: £934.6K

Pawprint is a pet tech startup that helps clinics and clients access their pets’ medical records in one app. The process is simple: pet owners need to enter their pet’s information, and then they will be able to see a copy of the record that they can share with any service provider. For instance, it makes life easier if pet parents go to a groomer or take a vacation with their pet, where proof of vaccination is required. A copy of the record will be available with one easy click. Pet owners can find vets in any state in the U.S. on the website. The app is available on Android, as well as iOS.

Alpha Genesis


Established: 2003
Funding: $23.9M

Alpha GenesisPrimate Research Center provides primate products and bio-research services worldwide. The primary services include biomedical research, contract research services, primate bioproducts, and housing. Another impactful feature that AGI possesses is presenting SPF non-human primates models to the biomedical research community. It also provides various biological products and materials, such as serum, plasma, and PBMC. Finally, they offer housing facilities on a cost-effective basis. The company’s client base extends across North America, Europe, and Asia. AGP’s research team is dedicated to address well-known diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and Zika, to improve animal health worldwide.



Established: 1988
Funding: $69.2M

MedVet is a community of emergency and specialty hospitals with expertise in cardiology, critical care, and emergency medical services. The company aims to provide exceptional care for pet owners and their pets by working closely with the owner and the pc veterinarian to provide the best possible care. All of MedVet’s nationally-recognized specialists have completed extensive training in their area of expertise.


The adage, “necessity is the mother of invention,” continues to remain true thanks to the proliferation of new software and diagnostic and therapeutic tools for vets.

The veterinary startups we covered today are a small representation of the immense growth and innovation present in the marketplace today.

In an industry where old practices can hinder advancement, the development and creative solutions proposed by the startups are a breath of fresh air and an exciting look to the industry’s future.

While some of these advancements may seem simple, reinventing scheduling for vets to prioritize patients saves time, money, and resources for all parties involved.

The amount of progress in tools for diagnosing and treating pets continues to grow at a feverish pace, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds.

If you are aware of any other startups and the veterinary space, don’t hesitate to share them with us!

We are always looking for Cutting Edge providers transforming the industry one solution at a time.