Consolidate That! – A New Podcast for Vet Leaders

Veterinary Integration Solutions kicks off a new podcast – Consolidate That!, a premier source of knowledge, insights and inspiration for veterinary leaders.

New episodes will be released weekly and cover hot button topics around the veterinary consolidation business: sustainable scaling, practice integration and management, improving clinical care and employee experience, innovation, specific metrics to measure success and how to deliver shareholder value.

Hosted by Dr. Ivan Zak, a successful entrepreneur with an MBA in International Healthcare Management, and Ryan Leech, an expert in business acceleration through the use of technology, Consolidate That! will feature one-on-one discussions as well as conversations with invited guests with hands-on experience in the field.

The first episodes are already available on the most popular streaming platforms. The introductory episode is followed by three fundamental topics:

“Over the years of helping veterinary businesses grow, we have accumulated deep domain expertise and understanding of the market pain points, which led us to develop a custom-tailored playbook and roadmap for value creation in veterinary organizations – the Consolidator Maturity Model and Consolidator Operating Framework. It felt very natural and timely to launch an educational podcast like this because the industry lacks professional resources specifically dedicated to veterinary consolidation.” – Ivan Zak.

Consolidate That! is available on the VIS website and all popular podcast platforms: