Best 15 Blogs for Veterinarians

TOP Blogs for Veterinarians - updated August 27, 2021

A network of professionals in the veterinary space, where you can share and exchange knowledge and experience, increases in value every year.

Veterinary blogs are a significant opportunity to find useful information and help you build a community of people who share your interest. It may be the most supportive place for many vet professionals during challenging times.

Vet websites build solidarity with other veterinary professionals and pet owners.

Great blog posts should never be too long. Blogs should serve only to grab one’s attention or provide a brief insight into a problem and make readers interested in reading and learning more.

High-quality blog posts must be meaningful. They should include content that either calls for action, offers an informed opinion, or provides solid evidence. The content should supply readers with credible information only.

Whether you are a veterinarian, vet tech, or veterinary student, you probably look for resources that are backed by genuine specialists. That kind of vet tech blog is full of information for continuing education, practice enhancement, statistics, case studies, and ways for handling different issues.

On the opposite side, vet blogs for pet owners help them understand the signs and symptoms of health problems in a pet and educate them on caring for their pets in the best possible way.

We researched the most popular blogs for veterinarians and pet owners and included their number of Facebook fans and Twitter followers. We separated blogs into three categories:

  • Personal Veterinary Blogs
  • Corporate Veterinary Blogs
  • Community Veterinary Blogs

Please keep in mind that the list is in alphabetical order.

Resource Facebook Fans Twitter Followers
Personal Veterinary Blogs
Dr. Andy Roark 258K 11.8K
Dr. Julie Cappel 140
Dr. Marty Becker 830K 24.7K
Dr. Serena 75
Pete the Vet 22.3K 17.1K
Skept 3.1K 1.3K
VetMed Survival Guide 547
VetNurse 4.5K 205
Corporate Veterinary Blogs
Pet Poison Helpline 30.5K 8.3K
VETGirl 207K 12.1K
VetX International Practice Insights 5.2K 1.7K
Community Veterinary Blogs
American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) 250K 51K
I Love Veterinary 284K 998
RCVS Knowledge 5.4K 8K
Reddit – Ask Veterinary-Related Questions

Personal Veterinary Blogs

Dr. Andy Roark – Platform for Pet Lovers and Vet Teams

Dr Andy Roark

This vet blog was launched to show the human nature of professional veterinarians to pet owners. People should know who the true hero is under the white coats. Content focuses on medical education but also responsibility, empathy, stress, burnout.

It is important for veterinarians to know that they are appreciated and trusted.

The blog shares the various experiences of veterinarians, gives tips for caring for pets, helps veterinarians struggling with depression, and lifts the spirits of the entire vet team.

This blog brings together vets and pet owners, based on their commonality of caring for pets.

  • Website:
  • Location: USA
  • Recommended for veterinary and pet owners
  • Facebook fans: 258K
  • Twitter followers: 11.8K

Dr. Julie Cappel – The Veterinary Life Coach

Dr Julie Cappel

Dr. Julie Cappel is a life coach for veterinary professionals. She has been a practice owner for over 20 years and has studied leadership, employee relations, personality profiling, and business management and has a strong grasp on interpersonal relationships and work-life balance. In her blog, she shares her experience and coaches vet specialists through the challenges that their demanding career presents.

Julie publishes a weekly podcast, “The Veterinary Life Coach Podcast,” and a weekly blog. She also has a podcast for busy veterinary professionals who need help in creating and maintaining a successful life.

Dr. Marty Becker Blog

Dr Marty Becker

Dr. Marty Becker is a founder of Fear Free, an organization that focuses on preventing fear, stress, and anxiety in pets.

Besides dedicating himself to caring for the pets, Dr. Marty Becker has an interesting full life. He has written 23 books, articles for a weekly newspaper, published magazine, a contributor for morning show for 17 years as a vet specialist. He is a member, founder, chief, director of many organizations in veterinary space; is an adjunct professor at universities and colleges of Veterinary Medicine in the USA, has lectured at every veterinary school in the United States.

He helps pets by inspiring and educating the people who care for them.

A vet blog aims to help pet owners and their pets live healthier and fuller lives by providing physical and emotional care.

Dr. Serena – Personal Vet Blog

Dr Serena

Dr. Serena has a personal blog where she shares fun stories and challenges from her practice.

She shares her personal experience in practice, including tips, stories, and treatment advice. Being a doctor, she is interested in helping owners with behavioral issues in their pets. She specializes in diagnostic imaging, and exotic pet care due to her previous experience as a zookeeper.

If you want to relax and read about a veterinarian’s daily life, this is the right place for you.

Pete the Vet – Veterinary Blog

Pete The Vet

Dr. Pete Wedderburn is a famous veterinarian and well-known journalist. He shares high-quality information to pet owners in an entertaining, engaging way in his blog. He posts information on topical subjects and real-life cases from his clinic, focusing on topics of animal welfare and behavior.

Check out his vet blog, where you can find podcasts as well.

SkeptVet Blog – Veterinary Blog


SkeptVet is a vet blog of a practicing veterinarian who raises issues of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), and philosophical and ethical questions related to veterinary medicine.

The blog is divided into categories, such as acupuncture, herbs, chiropractic, homeopathy, book reviews, etc. Each post is very thorough, which includes the practitioner’s personal experience.

  • Website:
  • Location: USA
  • Recommended for veterinarians, technicians, nurses, students
  • Facebook fans: 3.1K
  • Twitter followers: 1.3K

VetMed Survival Guide – Blog for Veterinarians and Vet students

VetMed Survival Guide

The VetMed community outlines the challenges of achieving a DVM degree and exploring a career path. You will find a lot of useful information from reliable resources, including scholarships.

VetNurse – Veterinary Nurses Forums, Jobs and News


Veterinary nursing blogs aren’t as common, and VetNurse is one of the most popular platforms for this group of practitioners. Nurses can connect based on shared interests and exchange knowledge and experience. You can find news there, meet veterinary professionals with the same interests, and search for a job if you are a veterinary technician/nurse.

There are sections based on your interests where you can easily access previous discussions and find group members to connect with.

  • Website:
  • Location: United Kingdom
  • Recommended for veterinary nurses
  • Facebook fans: 4.5K
  • Twitter followers: 205

Corporate Veterinary Blogs

Pet Poison Helpline – News and Blog

Pet Poison Center

The Pet Poison Helpline operates a 24-hour pet poison control center to help pet owners and veterinarians save a pet’s life. They have a blog that includes articles with safety reminders and tips.

Do you know if hand sanitizers are harmful to pets? How about electronic cigarettes? Check out this vet blog and know how to help your pet in case of an emergency.

  • Website:
  • Location: USA
  • Recommended for veterinarians and pet owners
  • Facebook fans: 30.5K
  • Twitter followers: 8.3K

VETGirl – Veterinary Blog, Podcast and Certificate Program

Vet Girl

VETGirl is an online service offering RACE-approved continuing education (CE) for veterinary professionals. A subscription allows you to access more than 100 hours of content so that you can learn at your convenience.

Dr. Justine Lee, the co-founder of VETGirl, makes education more accessible. If you are looking for a learning platform that can help you get CE hours and support you as a veterinarian with a crazy schedule, you found it at this veterinarian blog!

VetX International Practice Insights

VetX International

VetX International we provides educational resources, veterinary coaching and veterinary leadership courses for vets and practice owners alike. It’s also great for vet students, veterinary professionals, and industry leaders. You might also want to check their podcasts: Blunt Dissection, Veterinary Business Success and Veterinary Career Success (

  • Website:
  • Location: UK
  • Recommended for vet students, veterinary professionals, and industry leaders
  • Dr. Dave Nicol’s Facebook fans: 5.2K
  • Dr. Dave Nicol’s Instagram followers: 8,574 followers
  • Dr. Dave Nicol’s Twitter followers: 1700 followers
  • VetXinternational Instagram: 559 followers

Instinct – Pick the Brain

Pick the Brain blog

Instinct is the new OS for modern animal hospitals that includes such products as the Treatment Plan, the EMR, and an upcoming feature – Script. The creators of these products are also the creators behind the Pick the Brain blog. Their ultimate goal is ruminating on all things veterinary hospital operations.

Community Veterinary Blogs

American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA)

American Veterinary Medical Association

The AVMA is a well-known community for each veterinarian who works toward a common goal to advance animal health and veterinary medicine. In this vet blog, you can find continuing education, information on veterinary schools and internships, news about AVMA initiatives, tools, and services that support vets in daily life and work.

The website has a resources and tools section that addresses the well-being of veterinarians and animals along with financial and practice management.

In addition, the organization provides educational accreditation and certification programs that enhance the quality of veterinary care.

I Love Veterinary – Veterinary Community

I love veterinary

The I Love Veterinary blog is a community of fans of being a veterinarian.

A positive perception of the veterinary profession is the main theme of this blog. And the goal of the team is to be helpful and grow a community of veterinary enthusiasts.

The blog the surgery and procedures videos, infographics about animal diseases, care, and dog breeds, and much more.

  • Website:
  • Location: USA
  • Recommended for veterinarians and pet owners
  • Facebook fans: 284K
  • Twitter followers: 998

RCVS Knowledge – Resources and Education

RCVS Knowledge

The RCVS Knowledge provides a range of continuous education services to support veterinary professionals, including the latest clinical research findings. Their goal is to advance the quality of veterinary care to benefit animals, the public, and society. As the community advances in evidence-based veterinary knowledge, it provides a three-fold service to the profession.

  • Website:
  • Location: United Kingdom
  • Recommended for veterinary doctors, technicians, nurses, students
  • Facebook fans: 5.4K
  • Twitter followers: 8K


Reddit is one of the top-visited American websites in the world. The veterinary subreddit, “Ask Veterinary-Related Questions,” is where you can ask any questions related to your pet, veterinary medicine in general, education, burnout, and any personal question related to veterinary medicine.

Most of the time, people seek help regarding their pet’s behavior or an uncertain diagnosis they get in clinics. With over 80K members, you have a good chance of getting legit advice; as a veterinarian, you have an opportunity to give advice and network with your peers in an informal setting.

  • Website:
  • Location: USA
  • Recommended for veterinarians, technicians, nurses, students, pet owners, everyone who interested in veterinary medicine


Finding desired information has become easier than ever before with the plethora of resources available in the veterinary space. From personal blogs and life-coaching sessions to reliable sources for continuous education with lots of tips, you are covered.

Make sure to use networking opportunities, have fun, and remember: “Knowledge is power.”
Pro tip: if you want a single place to read all these awesome blogs – we highly recommend Feedly. It’s a free tool that allows syndication of the content, collection of sources, notifications of updates, and many more features for an avid reader.