We Support the Call for the Oath Initiative

We Support the Call for the Oath Initiative

We are happy to announce that Veterinary Integration Solutions fully supports the Call for Oath Initiative by Galaxy Vets.

Burnout prevention in the veterinary domain is one of our main research focuses. And the degree of its incidence has increased over the years. This factor becomes one of the most challenging for the industry because as many as 44% of veterinary professionals are considering leaving the profession.

So, burnout prevention is one of the key factors in keeping the industry sustainable. That’s why Galaxy Vets’ initiative is so important.

The idea of the campaign is to revise the oaths that veterinarians and technicians take entering the profession. They should start considering the mental health challenges that modern veterinary professionals face, and the potentially adverse effects these factors can have on their health and their ability to provide high-quality care for their patients. Human health care faced the same situation, but in 2017 the Hippocratic Oath was updated.

Please, join us in supporting the initiative. You can learn more and leave your signature here:: https://links.galaxyvets.com/oaths.

The official campaign hashtags are #ISwearToSelfCare and #CareForPetsCareForVets.