Burnout investigation using Professional Fulfillment Index (PFI) in the Veterinary domain



Burnout remains a significant issue for the veterinarians and the hospital staff, which negatively affects personal and professional wellbeing and sometimes leads to tragic consequences.

A researcher is Dr. Ivan Zakharenkov, who has extensive experience in veterinary Domain. While working for over 30 veterinary hospitals, an Emergency Veterinarian as well as a relief vet, he gained a deep understanding of the importance of a healthy work-life balance. Further, while creating “Smart Flow” – the first workflow optimization system for veterinarians, he was exposed to over 600 hospital teams as well. He was able to collect world-wide knowledge on this topic.

He decided to study to apply his experience and make a sizable impact on the industry’s wellbeing.

As burnout became a significant challenge for many veterinarians lately, various studies were conducted to investigate the issue. However, burnout rates keep increasing, which means that there is a need to go beyond assessing the degree, but also to provide a solution.

This survey is a part of the research that aims to find a reliable management solution that may contribute to eliminating the burnout among veterinary professionals.

The survey is built based on Professional Fulfillment Index (PFI) that was initially developed for human health professionals. The survey consists of 3 blocks, 20 questions total, that participants will answer anonymously, and the results will be aggregated, and the individual results are not going to know. It takes approximately 8 minutes to complete.


With your help, we collected enough information to proceed with the study.

We are now processing all the data. Thank you for your input!

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Data Analytics and Conclusion

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This study was developing based on Brief Instrument to Assess Both Burnout and Professional Fulfillment in Physicians (Stanford University, Stanford, CA, USA)