Galaxy Vets and VIS to Pave the Way to the Future of Veterinary Medicine

The veterinary industry landscape has drastically changed in recent years. Among other additions, burnout prevention and work-life balance tendencies determined how vet professionals are going to be treated in the future. Here’s where Galaxy Vets emerges: a new way of thinking implemented in the form of a cutting-edge veterinary healthcare system. 

What is Galaxy Vets?

Led by Ivan Zak, the founder of two successful startups in the veterinary space, SmartFlow and Veterinary Integration Solutions (VIS), Galaxy Vets is an employee-centric veterinary healthcare network. With its pivotal mission to bring veterinary medicine back to veterinarians, Galaxy Vets will allocate equity in the network to its employees — veterinarians, specialists, technicians, and administrative personnel — making them co-owners of and shareholders in the entire organization. This way the leading positions in the industry will be taken up by veterinarians as opposed to private equity capital which is completely detached from the realities of the profession.

The network will operate by acquiring general practices within a designated location and have the former owner roll 50% or more of the selling price back into Galaxy Vets in exchange for equity in the entire enterprise. Building a surgical and emergency specialty hospital with its own reference laboratory will become the next step in creating a vertically integrated veterinary healthcare system Galaxy Vets’ leaders aspire it to be. 

How VIS Methodology is Applied in Galaxy Vets

Ivan Zak alongside the VIS team has developed a comprehensive business methodology based on lean thinking framework, namely the Maturity Model and the Operating Framework. These business methodologies have proven their worth for the clients of VIS and are to be applied in the development of Galaxy Vets as the latter becomes a client of Veterinary Integration Solutions to achieve the highest heights and become the most coveted employer in the industry. 

Burnout prevention methodologies developed within VIS are yet another great addition to Galaxy Vets track record. With a unique operating framework and technology under the hood, Galaxy Vets will take a structured approach to burnout-proofing the organization, building a culture of excellence that empowers the healthcare teams to live their passion. 

VIS is becoming a media platform to continue the research and activities in the world of burnout, as well as the development of our proprietary Operating Framework. Our immutable goal is to establish a formula to create a burnout-free veterinary organization where all employees feel happy and empowered.

How to Become a Part of Galaxy Vets Dream Team

The emerging healthcare system is actively looking for employees and partners across the United States. There are three ways to become a part of it:

  • Practice owners who are planning to sell their businesses can roll a part of their ownership into Galaxy Vets participating in the operational changes and maintaining leadership positions in their clinics.
  • Practice owners who are not planning to sell now can simply become investors in exchange for their referrals and lab work. 
  • Veterinary teams, including specialists, ER, GP, relief vets, technicians and receptionists can become employees of Galaxy Vets, get the highest compensation on the market, and, based on their tenure, receive equity in the entire network, with the possibility of further investment in Galaxy Vets.

You can learn more about Galaxy Vets and qualification criteria at 

Don’t Miss Your Chance to Become the Change Leader

The future of veterinary medicine is in your hands. Don’t hesitate to become a part of Galaxy Vets and lead the industry to meet new horizons along with like-minded people.